Post Second War Warcraft

This is a potential setting I might like to run someday. The general idea is to take the Blizzard games Warcraft and Warcraft II, plus their expansions, and treat that as the known world for adventuring in. This will ignore major lore and settings introduced in Warcraft III and beyond, but will likely take cues from various sources to fill in history. (Primarily that means no Kalimdor, no night elves, no tauren, etc.) It will have departures from canon sources, and will attempt to reconcile contradictions. Also, it will have modifications to make it fit in better with the 5e Dungeons & Dragons rules and basic setting assumptions.

Map & World

Since World of Warcraft has the most detailed maps available, I will be relying on them heavily as the basis. Scale will be very different from WoW gameplay though, as the whole world cannot be walked across in a few hours, and recognize that the MMO was designed with a certain flow in mind that is different from a tabletop RPG. The continents are, roughly, Azeroth, Khaz Modan, and Lordaeron.

Player Character Options

Within the Warcraft universe, PCs will largely be limited to Alliance races, especially those that most fit the D&D races. Humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes are pretty easy. To make up for the lack of mechanical options from not having half-orcs, tieflings, dragonborn, etc I may make up new sub-race options, or try to fully homebrew a unique set of racial stats.

Scope of Work and Time

I don’t intend on running, finishing, or even making significant progress on this anytime soon. It’s definitely a backburner project.

Post Second War Warcraft